Democracy 101: Governments shouldn't block social media sites and … they can't!

News flash: Sudanese government has blocked YouTube! (BBC)

Why? there is no official confirmation/explanation yet but it’s believed that the reasons is the wide online circulation of a video clip showing what seems to be an evidence of fraud in election.

I wasn’t surprised to hear this, actually I expected this weeks ago in an earlier post, but I find it appropriate to briefly remind authorities in Sudan with some policy recommendations I find essential  as the country enters a new era of “democratic transition”. But first here are few facts about social media politicians should know:

  • The time when governments have the exclusive right to decide what information people should know has gone for ever!
  • In the age of social media, every single citizen has the ability (and not only the right) to know and to share what he/she knows with other citizens.

I find it difficult to figure out any rational explanation for such decision, facing the flood of social media with such an authoritarian action is like facing the Nile flood with coffee cup! it won’t work!

While the official final election results are not announced yet, it would be a very sad news to Sudanese people if the government decided to follow the Iranian approach in dealing with accusation of fraud in election.

Dear Sudanese government: you shouldn’t block social media sites, and you can’t!


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      • Hello Hala,
        Thanks for stopping by..
        My pleasure to meet you as well, and to know about your blog, read your post and glad to know that you are a “digital activist” 🙂 please keep up the good work, will keep reading your posts.

        and yes… Allah bless us all!


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