Should we post Aasir's photos on Facebook?

Two weeks ago, my lovely wife Nuha and I had our first baby (thanks Allah), so now you know why I’ve not update my blog with new posts recently! 🙂

And as Aasir (yes this is his name 🙂 joined our little family, our close friends family members  told us that they couldn’t wait to see the photos of our little angle … on Facebook! That request was a nice occasion for us to resume talking about one of our interesting topics: privacy on Facebook!

Though both of us have accounts there and use them as any other Facebook users to connect with our friends and family members in different countries, we tend to take the privacy issue more seriously than many other Facebook users usually do. So, we used to limit the personal info and photos we share out there. Our understanding for this is simple: once you post something on Facebook (and internet in general), you don’t own it anymore.  And we don’t  allow the frequent announcements about specific privacy adjustments to blur this crystal-clear and simple understanding.

Years from now, Aasir might have (and I’m sure he will!) a different understanding for the privacy on Facebook (will it still be there at that time?!) but for now we have to decide on behalf of him, that’s parenting!

So, we have decided to happily and gratefully respond to the requests from our family members and close friends and share with them some lovely photos of our sweetheart Aasir, they can see them in thier personal emails and not Facebook wall!

God bless Aasir 🙂



4 responses

  1. Ok so no I am really mad.. I just wrote a comment and it refused to be sent..

    this is what it had.

    First congratulation on the baby 🙂 I am so happy for you and Nuha and inshalla yetrba fe 3ezkom… second I am gonna kill yaa.. how come, i don’t know about it and I didn’t recieve any pictures.. you mean mean mean friend…

    o ba3dain akeed mashalla Aasir 6ale3 3la omaaaa cute.. not his mean dad.. :P..

    hope all is well 🙂 and yeh have you run across anyone important recently 😛

  2. Ya a3eza2i, ento u know enno ana shrerrer o b7eb el 7arakat di,,, bs disappointed that only 2 of my dear friends ze3lo o 3amlo mozaharat so far! guess I need 2 do better job in circulating this article 😉

  3. my name also aasir and good to read u gave ur name this
    he will live a very healty and without tension life INSHA-ALLAH

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