Google+: My quick first feedback

As a Google addict, I was so excited to receive an invitation to Google + earlier today and as I’m still exploring it I love to share with you here a quick feedback on my experience with the new social network in the past few hours (If you need an introduction to Google + you can find it here).
Google Plus
Maybe the most interesting thing is that I feel more comfortable in Google + than in Facebook and this is mainly because of the Circle feature. This feature allows you to create as many groups (or lists) as you want and organize your connections (or friends) into them. This way, you can have your family members in one circle and your co-workers in another one and your posts (or updates) in one circle are not shown to your connections in the other circles.  If your are familiar with Twitter, this is very similar to the List feature there.

I strictly use Facebook for personal stuff, no work related posts or serious discussions at all, but I think I’m going to have a different policy for Google+. Thanks to the Circles, I can organize my connections in separate circles and share with each circle the things I like to share with them.

On the other side, I find the following tiny issues annoying:

  • You can add your contacts in Gmail to your circles (obviously!) but no integration with Twitter and Facebook, yet. However, I’ve come across some suggested workarounds but haven’t tried them yet.
  • No real time update for posts, it takes around couple of minutes to see them.
  • Google + is connected to Picasa of course, but my problem is that I hate Picasa and I’ve stopped using it for long time ago. As I photographer, I’ve tons of photos to store and share and Flickr does the job perfectly for me. So, I hope Flickr will soon add Google + to the list of services it connects with so I can easily share my photos there with my friends on Google +

So I can say that I’m already in love with Google + 🙂 though it’s still in soft launch, and I hope the tiny issues will be solved as the network grows. I feel that soon I’ll say Goodbye to Facebook!


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