How to invite your friends to Google+?

As I’m having fun inviting people to the new social networking service Google +, many asked me on how they can invite their friends (since Google has temporarily shut down the invitation mechanism).  Here are the steps I’m following to do that:

  • Create a new empty Circle and name it something like “Gmail contacts”
  • Add the people you want to invite to that circle (by adding their Gmails)
Google+ Circle

Gmail Contacts Circle

  • Write  a status update in your Google+ stream, it could be anything like “inviting my friends on Gmail”
  • In the “+ add circles or people to share with…” below the status box add the circle you created in the first step and don’t forget to tick the checkbox “also email # people not using Google+”
Google+ Status

Creating Status on Goolge+

  • Click the Share button.
  • Your invited friends should receive an email contain your status update and a link to Google+.
Google+ status update email

Google+ status update email

  • They should click that link to the post with a “Join Google +” button.


I’ve been using this method the whole day and it worked perfectly for me! So try it and share your experience with me in the comment area below.

Note: I came across this method in several sites like Gizmodo and TechChruch but wasn’t as clear as I’m posting it here.


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  1. Hi! It seems not to be working for me any more. Are you still able to invite friends that way? My posts from Google+ simply don’t seem to be sent via email to my friends, despite the fact I have checked that box.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thanks stopping by and for subscribing in the blog. I wonder why your posts don’t go through, I’ve been inviting people through this method for over two days and it used to work fine. I’m using it now to invite more people, I’ll update you once I gets confirmation from them.


      • OK. Thanks. Sorry about the mistake. It’s just that the emails weren’t getting through immediately. Sometimes it took up to a few hours, but they did come through eventually (to gmail addresses). I had no luck trying to invite a yahoo address. The email simply never got through.

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