Forthcoming Soon: United Nations e-Government Survey 2012

Forthcoming Soon: United Nations e-Government Survey 2012

The 2012 version of the United Nations (UN) eGovernment Survey series is about to go out in the coming few days. Over the past few years, this report has gained a growing reputation as the most comprehensive reference for the state of eGovernment programs around the globe.For the UN, the report is a an important tool to promote eGovernment as an enabler for public sector advancement and to the global move towards achieving (or getting closer to) the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In addition to its assessment of the current status of the eGovernment in each of the covered countries (192 UN member states in 2010), the report offers a review of the rising eGovernment trends and features some of the most important issues and success stories from around the world. The key theme of the 2010 edition was ” Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis”.

The UN eGovernment Survey series started in 2003 (source

One important component of the survey report is the eGovernment Development Index which tries to quantify the state of eGovernment development in each member state covered by the report and put them ranked in one table for comparison purposes. The index compromises sub indexes that cover areas of government online service, telecommunication infrastructure and human capital . In addition, eParticipation was added as a supplementary sub-index in the 2010 edition.

In 2010 edition, the Arab states showed a great variance in their performance between the 13th rank (Bahrain) and the 184th position (Somalia).

In 2012 edition, the survey will focus on “the role of e-government in sustainable development, including the promotion of social equity, economic growth and environmental protection”.

On this blog, I’ll offer a comprehensive coverage and analysis of the forthcoming report in a series of articles and interviews with special focus on the profiles of the Arab states.


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    • Hi and thanks for your question, it was supposed to be published in January but it’s not released yet. You can follow this blog and my Twitter account (@iBadawi) for updates.

      I’m following on this issue and I’ll tweet and write about it immediately when it gets published.

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