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7 responses

  1. your search for the new idea never cease to amaze those who follow your writings and resreach, i am glad that you are touching in such area which has got little attention despite sufficient awareness of it is importance,

    Happy to see that you have you own platform

    • Thanks a lot Abumedian, I wonder but happy to know that what I right is adding little value to the readers.

      P.S. Sorry for my late reply, please read my today’s post and you will know the reason!

  2. Hi.. I was delighted to see your blog and twitter…
    Wonder if your interests extend to Corporate Citizenship- CSR as well!?
    Being a CC consultant I would love to follow your views on it

    • Thanks Amr for your time and your kindness, sorry for my late reply, please read my today’s post and you will know the reason!

      Actually I’ve not wrote bout CSR before, but one interesting thing about it is that Web 2.0 technologies should represent an opportunity (or challenge to the old CSR methods), these tools can help corporations to collaborate with their communities and stakeholders to decide about their CSR priorities.


  3. Ibrahim,

    I found your blog through Ben Simpfendorfer’s blog and find it very interesting and insightful. Ben mentions on his blog that he found a paper you wrote on China’s activities in Sudan very interesting. Would it be possible for me to see a copy of it? I’m interested to hear your views on the subject.

    Thank you.

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