Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum

Guest post by AmalAlMutawa (@amalA)

I had the pleasure of attending the AbuDhabi Innovation Forum in January, 2012. The Forum consisted of many intellectual minds with great discussions with a snap shot of it in this post. The main highlights of the forum was to think big and different while utilizing the skills & knowledge you have.

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من تويتر إلى جميرا

في اليوم الأخير من عطلة الاحتفال باليوم الوطني الأربعين لدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ، ازدحم تويتر بالوسم (#CleaningJumierah) وهو الوسم الخاص بمبادرة لتنظيف شوارع منطقة جميرا في دبي من مخلفات الاحتفال بهذه المناسبة.  بدأت المبادرة بدعوة من (7ooreed@)  على تويتر صباح السبت والتي حددت في تغرديتها مكان وزمان التجمع لبدء حملة التنظيف ثم بادرت بنفسها بالوصول إلى المكان والبدء في التنظيف، وبسرعة انتشرت التغريدة ومعها الوسم بين المغردين في جميرا ومناطق أخرى في دبي والذين سارع كثير منهم للانضمام إلى المبادرة والمشاركة في تنظيف جميرا.

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The GCC eGovernment Award: The Winners List

In a festive ceremony in Kuwait this week at inauguration of the GCC eGovernment Conference, the results of the 2nd GCC eGovernment Award were announced. The six GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman , Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE ) had nominated more than 85 applications to the award’s six categories. UAE and Oman have won all the 6 awards (3 for each). Here are the full winners list:

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A Look at the Smartphone Apps of UAE Government Entities

No visitor to the government exhibition hall at GITEX Technology Week could miss the big iPhone look-alike screen at the entrance of several stands! Like this one at the Ministry of Labor stand: Continue reading

The State of ICT in UAE: Three Key Advancements and How e-Government Can Leverage

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just released its 10th anniversary edition of its well known report: Global Information Technology Report. As in the previous editions, this 2010/2011 version of the report has shed the light on the status of ICT infrastructure in more than 100 countries (138 in this report) including the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What I would like to present here is the key advancements in UAE ICT sector as identified by the report, the opportunities they represent for the eGovernment program(s) in the country and how these programs can leverage these advancements.
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